Kill Coronavirus In Your Car

Disinfect Your Car With A Deep Ozone Cleaning at Affluent Auto Studios

You’ve cleaned everything else, now clean your car! It’s been everywhere, carrying everything for everybody. Even if you’ve taken steps to protect yourself by cleaning your home, you could be reintroducing COVID-19 germs into your home every time you drive your car.

Take the final step to rid the coronavirus from your car.

The average person spends 10 hours per week in their vehicle. The virus is reported to live for not just hours but days on surfaces. Affluent Auto Studios has the professional tools that are proven to kill the virus in your car.

How Affluent Auto Studios Kills Coronavirus In Your Car

1-We start by running an ozone generator for an hour to kill any live bacteria on the interior surfaces and in your heater and air conditioning system.

Ozone Kills Coronavirus – Yahoo News

2-We then use a dry vapor steamer. Dry hot steam will kill any bacteria left over. We treat the headliner, seats, carpets, floor mats, dash , door panels etc.

3-We apply special German interior cleaner that is safe for all interior surfaces. It disinfects but leaves no shiny, slimy feeling or odor.

4-We then clean the carpets with brushes and carpet shampoo using a HEPA filter vacuum.

5-Interior windows are cleaned with the dry vapor steamer as well.

6-Keys, door handles, steering wheel, gear shift and all switches are decontaminated.

6- As a final step, we run the ozone generator one more time for an additional hour. This will ensure all live bacteria is wiped out.

Stop the spread of coronavirus. Protect yourself and your family.

$350.00 from now till 4/16.

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