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2020 is off to a great start! We’re looking forward to helping you all take care of your cars’ appearance this year! Be sure to ask us about our new windshield protection services!- Kevin

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Detailing cars is a satisfying career…. – Affluent Auto Studios

Detailing cars is a satisfying career. We feel that cars like this black one – with lots of horses under the hood and a distinctive style – deserve the same type of care and precision on the paint as the mechanical aspects of the car received from the performance engineers.
The best starting point is a complete hand wash followed by paint correction to eliminate scratches and swirls. From there, we polish the paint to bring it back to gloss.
At that point, our instinct is to preserve and protect the newly refreshed paint with clear bra paint protection film and ceramic coating.
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Searching for “Detail Shop Near Me” or “Car Detailing Near Me?” Look no further…we provide car detailing, paint correction and paint protection at the highest standard of quality and attention to detail. The products that we uses do the same.
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The best car detailing always starts with Affluent Auto Studios

The best car detailing always starts with a careful hand wash to get a good idea of what we’re dealing with.
After completing a luxury hand car wash, we can then move toward a full car detail which includes an exterior detail and interior detail. When the thorough exterior and interior cleaning is complete, we can really see what we are dealing with before we move on to additional desired services such as a Modesta ceramic coating or xpel paint protection film – also known as clear bra.
Often, we add a paint correction and scratch removal step to the process before proceeding with the paint protection film.

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– Kevin