Infrared Tint

Infrared Window Tint

Searching for the best tint near me? Affluent Auto Studios offers premium auto tint packages using the best brands on the market. We are certified installers of Xpel, SunTek, Llumar, Spectra Photosync, and Ceralux Quantum. All of our window tint packages come with lifetime warranties against fading, cracking, peeling or yellowing. The Infrared Window Tint package uses the latest and greatest technology to block on the sun’s UV rays. It will create a flawless appearance with clarity for your windows. It’s utilizes nano-technology to provide up to 88% infrared heat rejection. If you’re looking to add style, clarity, comfort, privacy and heat rejection to your vehicle then our Infrared window tint package if perfect for you. Your search for the best window tinting in the great Boston area, ends with our expert staff at Affluent Auto Studios. Come see us today and tint your windows!

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