Auto Paint Protection Boston: Modesta PD Private Label Package

When it comes to the best auto paint protection Boston has to offer, our Modesta PD package is it. This package is the very best Modesta has to offer. The PD Private Label combines the advantages of new technology with traditional techniques to provide a sacrificial layer of protection between your vehicle’s paint and the hazardous elements out on the road. It comes with a ten-year warranty and will give your vehicle unprecedented shine, protection, resistance and a self-cleaning effect. This formula combines a durable thick ceramic coat with a super hydrophobic coat to deliver the best auto paint protection Boston offers. At Affluent Auto Studios, we are experts at installing ceramic coatings and guarantee to deliver the highest quality services to each of our clients. If you want paint protection that you can trust, then you’ve come to the right place. Add our Modesta PD Packages to protect your vehicle’s paint today! Get a free quote here. 


  • Self Healing Affect
  • Hydrophobic Properties
  • Paint Protection Against Scratches, Insect Acid, Dirt & Debris
  • UV Protection 
  • 36-month Warranty 
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