Ceramic Paint Protection Boston: Modesta BC 08

Searching for the best ceramic paint protection Boston has to offer? At Affluent Auto Studios we take great pride in providing top quality services to all of our customers and ensuring we use the best products available on the market. That’s why we are proud installers of Modesta coatings. Our Modesta Coating Bronze package is an excellent value and extremely popular amongst our customers. This package includes a Modesta BC 08 coating. This is a Neosillica Matrix coating and will provide your vehicle with great shine and luster while adding a high level of paint protection. This package will give your vehicle hydrophobic properties to help repel water and make your vehicle easy to wash. Adding this Modesta ceramic paint protection Boston package to your vehicle will protect your paint from minor scratches, marring and the hazardous element on the road that can damage your paint. This package includes a 36-month warranty. Call today to protect your paint the right way.


  • Self Healing Affect
  • Hydrophobic Properties
  • Paint Protection Against Scratches, Insect Acid, Dirt & Debris
  • UV Protection 
  • 36-month Warranty 
ceramic paint protection boston

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