Paint Protection Film Boston: Standard Kit

Clear Bra provides the best paint protection film Boston has to offer. It will provide a layer of protection against rock chips and keep your vehicle’s unharmed. If you want to keep your paint looking fresh and protected against the hazardous elements on the road, then adding the best paint protection film Boston has to offer, is your answer. At Affluent Auto Studios, we are experts at installing Clear Bra also known as paint protection film to your vehicle. We utilize a custom plotter to perfectly cut the film and apply it to select areas of your vehicle. Clear Bra is an incredibly clear, polyurethane, invisible film. We encourage protection to the parts of cars most prevalent to damage. The Standard kit is an excellent value. This package includes paint protection film coverage of your front bumper, ¼ of the hood, ¼ of the front fenders, mirror caps and your headlights (depending on vehicle type). This package is especially popular with Tesla owners! Adding our paint protection film Boston package to your vehicle will keep it protected from rock chips, road salt, dirt, debris and other hazardous elements on the road. At Affluent Auto Studios we provide quality that lasts. That’s why we use the best products available in the business including Clearguard Nano PPF, Xpel Ultimate, SunTek and 3M. We are the only shop in New England to carry Clearguard Nano PPF. All of our packages includes manufacturer warranties. If you want to keep your vehicle’s paint in excellent condition, then come see our expert staff at Affluent Auto Studios and let us take care of you! Protect your investment today

Standard Kit

  • Front bumper
  • Quarter hood
  • Quarter front fenders
  • Mirror caps
  • Headlights (depending on vehicle type)
paint protection film boston

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