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If you’ve been searching for the best paint correction Boston area has to offer, than you’ve come to the right place here at Affluent Auto Studios. We are experts when it comes to paint correction and detailing. We know how much you love your car and how much you’ve invested in it with proper maintenance and care, so why not keep it looking its best with our paint correction package. We are the Industry Leader in paint correction services. Paint correction will the refine the painted surfaces to remove any and all imperfections, swirl marks, DA sanding marks and micro marring. This is the ultimate in pampering for your vehicle. Please contact to schedule a consult today.

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When it comes to paint correction Boston, no one does it better than Affluent Auto Studios. Paint Correction is vital to remove flaws and defects from your vehicle’s paint and help your vehicle maintain its value. After receiving our paint correction package we highly recommend adding Clear Bra or paint protection film to your vehicle to protect your newly perfected paint. Clear Bra is an invisible layer of paint protection film that goes on top of your paint and provides it with the best protection against rock chips. Our paint correction can be a variety of steps to get your paint shining to perfection. Our technicians will first diagnosis the level of correction needed and then begin the process which begins with a thorough wash. Then our experts will use the clay bar method to remove any decontaminates leftover and then polish or wet sand if necessary to remove any leftover imperfections. Come see us to get your paint shining to perfection!