Interior Detailing Boston

Interior Car Detailing Boston

When it comes to interior car detailing Boston, look no further than your experts at Affluent Auto Studios. You spend a great deal of time traveling in your car, driving to and from work, running errands and much more that your vehicle is likely to collect from dust along the way. Let our experts take care of all your interior car detailing Boston needs. Our Interior Car Detailing Boston package includes a complete interior vacuum and shampoo of the carpets and upholstery using a dry vapor steamer. Next our technicians use filtered compressed air to blow out the vents and cup holders. We wipe down all interior surfaces with non-silicon interior cleaner, condition the leather if applicable, clean the floor mats and wipe down the interior windows.  If you need to refresh your vehicle and want it to look and smell like our just drove it off the lot, then come see us at Affluent Auto Studios. Let us take care of you and your vehicle. 

interior car cleaning boston

Refresh Your Vehicle

Included in package:

  • Vacuum complete interior and truck
  • Shampoo carpets and upholstery (dry vapor steamer is used to not overly soak interior surfaces).
  • Filtered compressed air used to blow out vents and cup holders etc.
  • Interior surfaces wiped down with safe non-silicon interior cleaner.
  • Leather conditioner applied when applicable
  • Floor Mats cleaned
  • Interior windows cleaned

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